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The Right Direction for your Business

A facility satisfying 100% of your Company's needsā€¦built on scheduleā€¦ at exceptional cost. That's our benchmark for success. Do our standards match yours? If so, we share basic values and a common goal: project and business success of a higher order.

Take a close look at ICC/Stravinski. Behind the attractive exteriors of ICC/Stravinski completed projects, you'll discover something much more important: a compelling history of customer satisfaction and repeat business, demonstrated ready-to-use capability and guaranteed performance.

ICC/Stravinski specializes in directing projects along a sure and rewarding path. We're very familiar with the terrain.

You deserve the satisfaction of benchmark success for your projects and the long-term benefits of the right facility for your business. Take the time to discover ICC/Stravinski, The Right Direction for your business

Hanna Court Aerial Photo

644 & 677 Hanna Dr. Project American Canyon, CA
720,000 Sq. Ft. of Climate Controlled Warehouse